3 Self-Love Exercises that will change your life

ep 8 3 self-love exercises that will change your life


In this video I share 3 self-love exercises that will change your life and help you be more magnetic to joy, health, wealth, and the relationship you desire!


Self love is a key practice in creating more joy in your life and in manifesting your soulmate. When you start to love yourself at deeper levels, you’ll naturally raise your vibration to the frequency of love. That will, in turn, attract back situations, people, and circumstances of a higher vibrational nature in your life!  This is utilizing the Universal Law of Attraction which will help you manifest love of all forms!


When you’re operating at a higher frequency, you will see yourself and others from a new more elevated perspective… allowing you to manifest opportunities that you may not have seen before (including high quality partners)!  Self love directly correlates to the results you create in your life!


It is worth investing the time, energy, and money into yourself.  You deserve your own love!



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