Ghosted? What to do when a guy ghosts you

Ghosted What to do when a guy ghosts you blog
Have you ever been in a situation where you are interested in someone …maybe you’ve started exchanging flirty texts or perhaps you have gone on a date or two and you think it’s going really well. Then, out of no where ….POOF…. they disappear and withdraw their communication? 
Being ‘ghosted’ can trigger us feeling lost and unsure about what to do next. 
If you have experienced this, don’t fret…. you’re not alone!
Ghosting has become an all-too-common experience in modern dating, leaving people wondering what they did ‘wrong’. 
In this video, we’ll explore what it means to be ghosted, why people ghost, and most importantly, what to do when they just disappear.
Don’t let being ghosted hold you back. Watch this video now and start your journey towards healing and finding the love you deserve.


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