How to date yourself: Ideas for Solo dates

Ep 12 How to date yourself Ideas for Solo dates

If you’ve ever wondered how to date yourself then check this video out…in it I share a bunch of fun ideas for solo dates!

This self love exercise is designed to help you manifest love, both for yourself and in your relationships. By focusing on self love habits, such as dating yourself, you can increase your vibration and raise your vibrational frequency. This shift towards a higher vibration (ie. higher emotional state) will help increase your happiness in life and can help you attract the relationship of your dreams … and it starts with creating a beautiful relationship with ourselves..

Through self-love exercises and incorporating self-love habits into your daily routine, you can become more in tune with the frequency of love and align yourself with the law of attraction. This will not only help you manifest love with a specific person, but also attract a relationship that is in alignment with your true values and desires.

So join me in this journey towards self love and learn how to manifest love in your life through the practice of Self Dates. By increasing your vibration and frequency, you can attract love, happiness, and fulfillment into your life. Remember, self love is the foundation for all healthy relationships, so make self dates a regular part of your self love practice today.



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