How To Manifest A Specific Person

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Want to know how to manifest a specific person in lightning speed? 

This article is going to teach you how to manifest a Soulmate, Divine Partner or Specific person. But warning, this technique works really fast and there are specific things you must know before you do it. So read till the end because you’re going to want to catch all of it. 

By the end of this article, you’re going to know how to clearly align your thoughts, words and actions to attract any specific person using the law of assumption. 

Now, for over 11 years, I’ve helped many other ambitious women manifest their desires, including their soul mates. And I’m about to share some of those powerful techniques with you today. Be sure to read until the end because I’m going to share some of my favourite resources. One in particular is how to raise your vibration to be a magnet for love. 

Hi I’m Ariana. I love helping ambitious women attract love while loving themselves and without losing themselves, so they can create the relationship of their dreams. This blog is the place to create a magical healthy relationship starting from within. Now, I’ve manifested a specific person multiple times. One time when I did these techniques that I’m about to share with you, I manifested someone who I had liked connecting with me for 4 weeks. In another situation, I thought of a specific person, did some of the techniques I’m about to share, and within 10 minutes they called me!

In another scenario, while in meditation, I had envisioned another specific person, did some of these techniques, and within less than an hour that person reached out to me! 

Now, this comes with a caveat…Do you want a specific person or do you want the BEST person for you? That’s a better question. 

You might think you want a specific person. You might think you know who’s best for you, but in spiritual truth, the Universe / God / Your Inner Being / Energy / Infinite Intelligence knows the best energetic match for you where you would be really happy. 

So, just because you think (with your limited perspectiv) that there’s one specific person that you need to be with, that may or may not be the best person for you. 

So if you relax a bit, read this article, go through the steps, and stay open to the possibility that it could be your specific person that you’re focusing on OR it could be better than you can imagine. And I would write that down right now. “I desire either this specific person or better than I can imagine.” 

I did manifest a specific person once and we started getting into somewhat of a relationship, it wound up not being healthy for him or I. In fact, it was chaos and the Universe pulled us apart anyway. 

So I really recommend that you take these steps to heart and stay open to the type of love that would be best for you.

So here’s how you’re going to manifest Your Divine Partner, Soulmate, or Specific Person … better than you can imagine….

STEP 1: Intention

Ask yourself, what is your intention for wanting a specific person? Is it in the highest and best good for you and all involved? That’s key… you want to look at your intention or the reason behind WHY you want this person.  

Do you feel like your life is going to end, you need this person to survive, and there’s no other person on this planet for you? 

OR do you feel like the intention is because this type of relationship would add to your life, add to their life, your whole, their whole, and it could be a great pairing.  

Notice there’s a different energy and intention behind those two intentions. So ask yourself what is my intention?

STEP 2: Energy

Where is your energy (aka your feeling) around it? Are you coming from the energy of lack or love

Lack Energy has the feel of  “I’m not whole and complete without this person” versus Love Energy has the feel of “I’m expanding into the energy of love…it could be this person or maybe there’s someone better for me, but either way, I get to be with my perfect person.” 

STEP 3: Appreciation

The third step to manifest a specific person is to make a list of all the things you appreciate about them. The energy of appreciation is a very powerful magnetic feeling to attract what you desire, whether its a specific person or the person who is in the highest and best good for you. So make a list of what you appreciate about that person…  that’s also going to put you in just a higher vibrational state and it’s going to send them good energy.

STEP 4: Law Of Assumption

The 4th step to attract or manifest a specific person is to use the Law of Assumption. The Law of Assumption states “that which you assume and expect with total faith and belief, will be created”. You must align your thoughts, words, habits, actions to assume that the wish you desire is fulfilled. That the thing that you think you desire it is already done.  You want to think FROM the end result, not OF it. The reason for that is you want to imagine yourself in-first person. Experiencing the thing that you think you want imagining from it: meaning seeing through your own eyes. 

Imagine, how would it feel as you’re looking through your own eyes? If you already are with your Divine partner, soulmate specific person. How would it feel? What are you doing? How does their hand feel? What are you doing together? What are you seeing? How are you experiencing life together?

These are all ways that you can start to activate all your senses while assuming in your thoughts that it’s done. Your belief needs to be that you believe that it’s possible that you can have the kind of love that you desire, whether it’s a specific person or the right person for you. You also want to make sure you believe you’re deserving and worthy of that love and that you’re open to receiving. These are very important. So you want to assume that your desires are already fulfilled and that it’s already done. Don’t let anything in your reality dissuade you or tell you otherwise. Your imagination is going to be key with this process. It’s like living out a movie of what you desire.

STEP 5: Feeling

The fifth step to manifest a specific person is to feel as though it’s already done

In the last step, the Law of Assumption, we were working at the level of the mind and aligning your beliefs with the idea that what you desire is already done. You’re telling yourself, “it’s done!….I receive this or better than I could imagine. 

This fifth step is that you feel that it’s done at every fiber of your being. And again, this is where you get into acting and playing. 

When we were kids we would use our imagination…and go to far off lands or imagine ourselves as incredible beings! Well it’s time to do the same thing! The key is that you feel good when you’re doing it. If you don’t feel good, then you’re actually putting out the polar opposite energy of what you want. So make sure that you’re engaging in activities that FEEL good and put you in the space of assuming your desire is already fulfilled. You can begin to feel how you think you’re going to feel when you have that person in your life.

The key is to be happy now. Don’t wait for a specific person / your SP / your soulmate in order to be happy. Find ways to be happy now. 

That’s your journey. 

That’s the magic. 

That’s where you’re going to cultivate the frequency of love which is going to manifest back to you what you desire…and what you actually want is the best person for you! 

Imagination is going to be really helpful with this. Use anything in your environment, to help you feel those higher states.  For example, you could pet your dog or cat, go for a walk, workout, engage in a hobby, hang out with friends, enjoy food, cook, etc… do anything you can to start elevating your emotions.

If you want more support with that check my Frequency Of Love masterclass. It’s an incredible immersive program that allows you to start to tune to the frequency of love so you can actually attract an aligned partner into your life.

STEP 6: Let Go Of Attachment

The sixth step on how to manifest a specific person is to let go of attachment to who, how and when they show up

Release the energy and the baggage that “there has to be a specific person that shows up at a certain time, and if they don’t then my life’s falling apart.” 

Let that shit go!  That’s not the energy of attracting a specific person or a Soulmate. 

If you want to let go of attachment then you go about doing that by envisioning how it would feel if you already had it.  It would feel natural to you. Think about something you already have right now in your life that’s TRUE for you… something that’s already in your life where you don’t give it a second thought.  There’s no contingency that you are going to be happy or not if it’s in your life or not. 

I know it sounds paradoxical and it is, it’s like you desire something but also are non-attached to having it. 

This key pivotal step is where most people mess up. They forget that they need to let go and let their desire align to the best and highest good for all involved. 

Go out, put yourself out there, do things that would logically attract a specific person as long as it’s in the highest and best good of you and them and all involved. Everyone has free will so you don’t want to be stepping on anyone’s toes because then that’s going to mess with karma. When you create negative karmic ties because you’re trying to influence someone else against their free will, you get into trouble.  But that is for another post that will be coming soon.  Just make sure you don’t create any unnecessary Karma ties with anybody else. 

The letting go process is learning how to relax and trust. 

Trust that the Law of Assumption is in action… If you assume something is done, you don’t keep neurotically checking on it or thinking “is it really done?” 

It’s like when you go to a restaurant and order from a menu. You assume that what you’re ordering on the menu is what they have. You assume that when you place your order with the waitstaff, they’re going to put your order in and you’re going to get your meal, exactly how you wanted it. 

It’s the same thing. 

When you’re putting up your order to the “Universe” (ie declare what you want and then let go of attachment), you don’t keep checking on it and ‘running to the kitchen to check and see if your food is done’. No, you know, it’s going to come at the perfect time.  You’re just going to let go of any attachment and enjoy the experiences, the atmosphere, the people, you’re with yourself etc. until your order arrives.  It’s the same energetic, mental, and emotional process when you’re manifesting a Specific Person. 

All right well there you have it. How to manifest a Specific Person / Soulmate / Divine Partner in six steps, with the biggest take away being that it’s not really about a specific person, it’s about aligning with the best person for you.  The good news is that if you have an SP/ Specific Person in mind, then know that they are showing you beautiful attributes and things to focus on to help you raise your frequency. Feel the feelings they evoke within you while also sending them love knowing that if it’s in the highest and best good for you guys to be together it will align….OR….you get to be with someone better than you can even imagine!!


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