How To Manifest Love and Attract Your Soulmate (While Loving Yourself)

How To Manifest Love and Attract Your Soulmate (While Loving Yourself) blog

Before you swipe left or right on another dating app, you must learn the number one most effective way to manifest love. 

By the end of this article, you’re going to know how to confidently manifest love using both  the Law of Attraction and  the Law of Assumption … plus one secret key technique. 

This one technique has helped many other of my clients manifest their soulmates. Clients like Tanya, Kam, Marley, Sarah and many others. Be sure to read till the very end because I’m going to share my favorite resource on how to attract love, while raising your frequency. 

Here’s the most effective way to manifest love if you want to create that amazing deep epic relationship. 

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, which is a Universal principle says “that which is like unto itself is drawn”… another way to say it is “that which is similar, magentizes”. What you put out, you get back like a magnet.

The Law Of Assumption

The Law of Assumption in summary says “that which you assume and continually reinforce until it feels natural, becomes your reality.” 

To activate the Law of Assumption, you tune your thoughts, words, habits, beliefs and feelings to assuming that the end outcome that you desire is already a reality. When you leverage the Law Of Assumption, you are activating the Law of Attraction, which says “that which you embody / feel / vibe, will come back to you.

Key Distinction

Now, there’s a key distinction here, you don’t attract or manifest what you want, you attract and manifest what you are…who you ‘be’. So the number one key distinction, why my clients have had major success in their love life area is because I have them work on this one key effective area….and it’s their own self-love. They learn to pour into themselves and fill up their own cup which helps them become their own ‘Soulmate’. So that they can manifest a partner that matches that frequency. I have an excellent masterclass that I highly recommend. It’s called the Frequency Of Love. It helps you attract love by raising your frequency and tuning to the frequency of Love, which, part of that is becoming your own soul mate. 

I can’t tell you how powerful and potent this is! So often people are looking outside of themselves for someone to complete them. They say and think things like, “I want a relationship because I’ll feel happier” or “I’ll finally feel better about myself when I have my man.”  They’re looking to others to validate their worth, prove that they’re good enough, and know that they’re loved. But the thing is, there’s nothing that’s going to ever support that belief until you believe it…until you become it! 

When you’re manifesting love you, want to activate the Law of Assumption and start assuming that you are deserving and worthy of what you desire in relationships. 

If that’s challenging or hard for you, then make a list of any kind of limiting beliefs that you might have about yourself, love, and relationships. What’s the negative voice in your head telling you? 

Is it saying you’re not good enough? You can’t have it? You’re not worthy or deserving? Whatever that voice is saying, just take out a pen and paper and write down any of those limiting beliefs. I call those Love Blocks because if you hold on to them, they’re going to literally block love coming into your life. They are an opposite frequency or energy of what having love in your life would be like.


You want to first be super honest with yourself. Recognize where you might have love blocks keeping you from the relationship you desire.  Write down any limiting belief or any old assumptions that aren’t going to serve you in manifesting love. Get them down on paper.


With a new sheet of paper, refute the old beliefs by writing down the opposite of each negative thought. For example, if the first belief that your mind tells you is, “I’m not good enough,” then write down 3 reasons refuting that belief.  So what I mean by that is that you will put the new statements in the positive. What would three reasons be that would debunk that limiting belief of “I’m not good enough?” 

As an example, you could write down 3 opposite yet true statements about yourself like:

“I’m an amazing friend.” 

“I love how I show up for myself.” 

“I love my creativity.” 

Just remember that this is the journey and the work that you get to do to align with love.  You are taking your power back!

You’re going to have to rewire your unconscious mind to create more supportive beliefs and assumptions that align with what you want, instead of what you don’t want. 

When clients work more closely with me in my NLP Breakthrough Immersion Sessions, online digital courses, and group programs, we dive deep into helping you release the old negative beliefs, limiting assumptions, and love blocks that hold you back. Then we help you reprogram your mind with new assumptions where you establish a new truth. 

Naturally, you’re going to be vibrating new beliefs, putting out a new frequency which activates the Law of Attraction and then attracts back a different type of man into your life. 

You’d be so surprised at how effective and magical this technique is!


Once you’ve gone down your list of limiting beliefs and you’ve written 3 positive reasons debunking those for each one,  now you’re ready for the 3rd step. Take out a clean sheet of paper and rewrite a new list of assumptions about things that you now choose to assume are true. 

To help you, you can start with this prompt: “If I was already in a beloved relationship with my Divine Partner, here’s what it would feel like… 

Here’s what it would be like… 

Here’s what I would see… hear… touch… taste… 

You want to write down all those things as if it’s already true. We are using spiritual and energetic principles. We’re also leveraging mental and emotional techniques to influence your brain to think that what you imagine and feel is already true.


Here’s the deal… this is the way the mind works. You have a conscious mind which allows for your thinking, reasoning, judgement, perceiving, assessing, and imagination faculties and it helps you function in everyday life. Then you have an unconscious mind, which regulates on auto pilot your nervous system, your blood flows, your autonomic nervous system etc…all your habitual systems you don’t want to think about in your life so that you can breathe, blink, function etc. It also manages your belief systems and your frequency of what you’re putting out into the world.  Also know as your Vibration. 

You can start to train your unconscious mind to have new belief systems by giving it orders from your conscious, reasoning mind… which is what you control. You can simply tell yourself new assumptions of what you would like to believe to be true.  The key is you must practice it enough to believe and actually FEEL as though this new paradigm is true. 

The mind doesn’t know the difference between what you physically observe in your external reality and what you imagine. Studies have been done over the decades showing how you can create an outcome in your imagination and it produces physical results. 

One example of this is called Visual Motor Rehearsal where people practiced in their mind a desired outcome and they have shown statistically that it actually increases their chances of hitting their mark and achieving their goal when they rehearse it in their minds though imagination. When they reinforce their imagination by reaffirming the new beliefs that support their end outcome then they’re utilising the law of assumption. When you train your brain effectively to a new desired outcome, it has to manifest. The Law of Attraction demonstrates this. Not only that, you actually have an area in your brain from a science standpoint called the Reticular Activating System, also known as your RAS.

Your RAS is designed to help you modulate sleep cycles and also regulate what you focus on. Your brain has billions of bits of data that you come across in a day. That’s a lot of information that would overwhelm your human if you absorbed all that information at once. So, the way your beautiful brain is designed is that it takes all the bits of data and filters it down to about 126 bits of data a second that you are able to process. 

The way that it narrows down your focus is it has to delete, distort, and generalize information in your reality. The way your RAS takes orders is by registering in the unconscious mind what you constantly pay attention to and tell yourself. 

Your conscious attention to any given subject signals to your RAS that that’s an important subject and to only concentrate on that. 

So, for example, if you continually say, think, and/or feel that “There’s no good men…there’s no good guys in my town…there’s no good men anywhere!” you’re reaffirming that paradigm to yourself and telling your RAS to shut off my focus to any possibility where there would be good men and only focus on seeing ‘no good men.’’ Your brain doesn’t know positive or negative. It just pays attention to what you’re paying attention to. 

If you want to open up your vision and activate your reticular activating system to literally be able to see more possibilities and opportunities in your life, then you’ll want to start using the Law Of Assumption and create new beliefs that would support you in achieving your desired outcome. 

You might not fully believe the new beliefs about love yet, however when you train yourself enough by acting, experiencing, demonstrating the version of you that already assumes to be in that loving relationship, you’re going to train your RAS to see more of possibility.  I

You will then be able to “see” the guy that maybe lives next door to you who you never met or the person that goes to your gym that you never noticed before. 

This is exactly what  happened to a couple of my clients. They started doing work with me and their beloved’s showed up in their life in the most miraculous ways! The funny thing is they knew them! This is the key to be able to activate the Law of Assumption and The Law of Attraction. 


We can actually manifest love and attract it into our experience! First and foremost you must become The One if you want to attract the one.  You do this through Self Love practices.

I have this article where I go much more in depth on the topic … CLICK HERE. It’s all about how to really develop a sense of self love to increase your own joy so that you can attract a partnership that matches you frequency. 

When you begin deeper practices of Self Love, you may start to notice where you have limiting beliefs (ie. false assumptions) and you can then come up with new beliefs that will replace those. 

You’ll want to repeat those new beliefs to yourself everyday. Imagine new visions of yourself in a loving relationship as you go to bed at night. Imagine seeing yourself in that beloved relationship that you desire. 

When I say imagine it, this is what I mean… I want you to see what you’re seeing, hear what you’re hearing, and feel what you’re feeling in your imagination if you were already in a relationship with your beloved.  

Don’t make it be about a specific person necessarily. If there is a specific person who evokes turned on feelings and excitement within you, then great, you can visualize them, however, also set the intention that it’s either that person OR better than you can imagine.  This is what we call coming from a place of Non-attachment. 

So you’re imagining what you’re experiencing as if it’s a movie and you’re the leading role.  See it through your own eyes. What are you seeing in your reality? What are you feeling? What are you tasting? What are you touching, smelling, hearing? 

You want to make it as real as possible. Imagine the experience of this relationship that you want to manifest, not that you’re going to attract it, but that you have attracted already …it is as if it’s already in your life.

Here’s the biggest take away… you are an extension of God force / Universe / Spirit /Infinite Intelligence and you are a powerful creative being.  You create with your thoughts, words, and emotions. Whatever follows the words I AM and is backed with emotional conviction, gets created. So when you state a new assumption, for example “I am in a  desired relationship with my beloved”… “I am turned on, sexy, and free”… “I am experiencing joy and bliss with my partner”…etc… you are activating very powerful abilities that create results in your life. 

Another great tip to help you with this is before you go to bed, imagine in your mind your visiones playing out. As you drift off to sleep, let that be the last thing you not only think about, but you FEEL! 

Feeling is the secret! Here’s a link to an excellent book by Neville Goddard called “Feeling Is the Secret.” He talks about the Law of Assumption and goes more in depth with techniques to activate this ability.  It’s one of the books that transformed my life and has helped transform many of my clients lives, specifically in love and dating!


So to recap: You want to make sure you’re loving yourself and doing anything for yourself that you would want a beloved to do for you. The reason being is you’re going to put off a frequency that you’re whole and complete, therefore you’re going to manifest a person who’s whole and complete. Otherwise, if you’re looking outside of yourself to try to be ‘complete’ you’re going to attract someone who also has that vibe… which creates co-dependency and unhealthy relationships.

Make sure you do the inner work like what we discussed in this article… that’s going to shift your frequency. If you need support, check out the masterclass, The Frequency of Love…the program will help you raise your frequency in just a few days. 

Next I had you look at your limiting beliefs and then write down powerful new beliefs, new assumptions, and new paradigms that you’re going to reaffirm every day. Lastly, each night  before you go to bed as you drift off to sleep, imagine what it would be like to already be in your dream relationship. 

If you want to fast track you results than grab my favorite program called The Frequency Of Love masterclass. In it you’re going to be able to attract love by raising your frequency and doing the inner work that creates the results you desire.


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