How To Manifest Your Soulmate Using the Law Of Attraction

ep 4 How To Manifest Your Soulmate Using the Law Of Attraction

Have you actually manifest a soulmate? That was a big question mark for me for many years until I finally cracked the code. So I want to dig into my five step formula that I was able to reverse engineer and figure out how to attract love while loving myself and without losing myself. 

In this article, you’re going to be able to confidently know the five steps on how to manifest love. This is the same process that my clients use to attract their soulmates. And even better than that, they manifested deeper levels of self love, shifting their way of being and increasing their levels of joy and happiness in life. 

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 Alright, let’s get into it. After my divorce, I was broken down and broken. After seven years of being with a soulmate who absolutely was incredible, I didn’t know if I’d be able to find love again. I craved it so deeply. Have you ever been there? Have you ever felt a calling where you just know in your heart and soul that you’re meant for love? I had that. 

And so I went on a journey. I can’t say it was easy. I faced my shadows and my love blocks. I found myself ugly crying on my mom’s couch, at times. All of this helped me to break open and figure out a five step process that helped me attract next-level soulmate love from an aligned place.

Now, wherever you might be in your life is perfectly fine. If you have had a marriage and are now divorced or maybe you’ve been in great relationships, but really haven’t found the one yet. Maybe you’ve had really challenging traumatic relationships and you’re wanting to uplevel and experience something new in love and dating… wherever you’re at, you’re in the right place. 

Here’s my five step formula on how to manifest soulmate love starting from within. 

Step 1: Be clear about what you want

The first step you want to consider is to be really clear about what it is that you want. Your mind is powerful when you give it direction, so by being clear about what you desire. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you observe externally and what you imagine and what you tell it. So, when you give your brain / mind the roadmap to what you want, ie. you get really clear about what you desire, then that’s going to fast track your results. That’s also going to help you notice it when it shows up.

Step 2: Clear your love blocks

The second step is about clearing your love blocks. I did a whole article on clearing your love blocks that you’ll want to check out… CLICK HERE. Your love blocks are the limiting beliefs, thoughts, and habits you have that push away love and literally self-sabotage you in dating and relationships. 

Examples of Love blocks are beliefs that say things like: “there’s no good men, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy of love, I’m too much for someone, I’m too successful, or there’s no one that can handle me”…etc. I go way in depth in my FREE Love Attraction Quiz + Guide, in it you’ll discover if you are attracting or blocking a relationship AND how to release the 15 sabotaging beliefs that block women from love. Be sure to grab this resource… it’s super helpful!  That in and of itself will transform your love life!

Step 3: Create your vision and love & relationship values

The third step, you will want to create your vision and your love and relationship values. This is so important! You’re values are simply what’s important to you.  When I’ve done surveys and studies asking people if they know their love and relationship values, 99% of people don’t know them. 

Now, when you work more closely with me in my NLP Breakthrough Sessions or in any of my coaching courses, or my group coaching programs, I give you tools on how to identify your relationship values.

Your values are what’s important to you at an unconscious level. So it’s not necessarily something that you’re consciously aware of. But here’s the kicker, you don’t know that you’re constantly trying to get your values and needs met from others.

Now, if you’re trying to get your unconscious values & needs met and the person you’re dating is also trying to get their’s met, but neither of you know what’s truely important to you or how to communicate them, you can imagine that that can be pretty destructive in relationships.

This is why most relationships end. Not that there’s anything wrong with a relationship concluding or uncoupling. However, I think we sometimes get into relationships that shouldn’t have ever started. Then they end because we don’t know how to work through our unconscious values, traumas, blocks, our limitations. 

So, you do want to make sure that you create a vision that’s aligned with your values, and your values are going to show you what it is that’s important to you. 

Step 4: Commit to yourself, purpose, & passions

The fourth step in manifesting your soulmate, is you want to commit to yourself, your purpose and your passions. The reason being is because you are already a whole complete person.  God / Universe / Inner Being put you here on this earth for a purpose… not to live out someone else’s purpose.

You want to make sure you’re grounded and aligned with who you are and what you desire. Because if you don’t, you will lose yourself in relationships. Take it from someone who’s lost herself multiple times in past relationships. Hopefully, I can lessen your learning curve, you can learn from my mistakes, and not have to repeat them. 

The way you overcome losing yourself is to really commit to yourself and your purpose. Self-love is part of that process.  It will help you understand who you are and your passions. 

In my Manifest Love Formula group program, we go in depth in helping you connect and align with who you are. We also do a deep dive into all of five of these pillars to Manifest Love.

Step 5: Take charge of your love life

The fifth and final step to manifest your soulmate is to take charge of your love life, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. You are the ONE! You are the creator of your life… and… you are also the creator of your love life.

I know sometimes it can feel like you’re not, or it feels like things are spinning out of control or you’re disconnected, you’re frustrated and you’re disappointed. I get it….I’ve been there. 

And I’ve also found empowerment, my power, love and forgiveness. 

So, when you decide to take charge of your love life, you can take certain steps in those areas: energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and create a solid foundation for love (starting with SELF). You now are priming yourself for a soulmate relationship that is lasting. I call it epic & magical love… this is what you want to align with.

In summary, these are the five steps to manifest your soulmate. Clarify what you want, clear your love blocks, create a vision and your values, commit to yourself, your passion, your purpose, and lastly take charge of your love life each and every day.


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