Manifest Love By Removing Your Hidden Love Blocks

Ep. 5 Manifest Love By Removing Hidden Love Blocks

Imagine being free from any sabotaging habits blocking you from love so you can attract the relationship of your dreams!

In this article, you’re going to learn how to align yourself with the right relationship

I’ve been working with people for over 11 years helping them create healthy relationships, starting with Self, and helping them release the blocks and limitations keeping them from what they want… especially in love. 

With many of my clients, when they apply the techniques that I’m about to teach you, they start to increase their experience with love in their life. Love for all forms starts magnetizing to them and, in some cases, they attract a soulmate relationship.

Grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in!

Also, be sure to grab my FREE Love Attraction Quiz + Guide. In it, you’re going to learn if you’re attracting or blocking love, and how to clear the 15 sabotaging beliefs that block women from love so that you can create the relationship you desire. 

Hi, I’m Michele Ariana!  If you’ve never met me before, I’m an NLP Master Practitioner and a Love Attraction Coach. 

For the past 11 years, I’ve been helping people deepen their own Self Love and create their desired relationships…starting with themselves

I am super passionate about love and relationships, mostly because I’ve struggled with them throughout my life. I had the hardest time growing up when I was bullied. My confidence and my self image took a big hit back then andI started to hate myself. I would go home and pick myself apart after school each day. That external bullying turned into internal bullying and I became my own worst critic. 

One major challenge over my life had been that I needed to find Self Love within me.  I had to deepen my own relationship with Self before I looked outside of myself for the love that I craved. 

But it didn’t stop there. 

I had always struggled with relationships, I didn’t feel like I was lovable or deserving. I didn’t think guys liked me. Even in my relationships early on, I never felt good enough. 

In 2013, I found myself in the middle of a divorce. And I felt broken and broken down. I knew I was meant for great love, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find it again. I had a great relationship with my soulmate partner at that time and when we decided to end our relationship (or various reasons) it didn’t mean I didn’t want love anymore, I just felt like there was more aligned relationships out there for both of us.

But I’ll tell you what… my confidence took a big hit after the divorce.

I went on a journey. I knew that I had to overcome my limiting beliefs, thoughts, and habits about Self and relationships…. I call those Love Blocks.

Love Blocks are just limiting beliefs, thoughts, habits, patterns, ideas that you have about yourself relationships and the opposite sex. Until we reframe those limiting thoughts, we’re going to keep attracting experiences that match what we believe. That’s the way that our brains work… we will always prove ourselves ‘right’.

Whatever you believe to be true, especially a belief that is backed by strong emotion, you will notice it will become your experience in your reality. 

I’m going to share with you a really powerful process to help you reframe your Love Blocks.  You’ll learn to become aware of them, identify them, refute them, clear them,  and replace them with new empowering beliefs that are going to make you magnetic to the kind of relationship you truly desire.

After the divorce, I went on a journey of self discovery. 

I had to face my shadow, my limiting beliefs and the darkness I had repressed. In times when it felt super scary, I didn’t have resources like this. 

What I found is that once I broke through my Love Blocks, is that I did in fact manifest next-level aligned love!  We had a beautiful fun relationship for six years. Around that time we realized we were meant to go on other paths so decided to lovingly uncouple. However, the key to attracting love is the same processes that I’m about to share with you. 

This is how I was able to manifest this high quality next-level loving relationship where we had a deep connection, compassion, commitment, all the things you desire and deserve. 

You absolutely can create it! And what I found is not only did I manifest a beautiful beloved, but I also found deeper levels of self love.

That’s what I’m going to teach you. It’s a powerful process that I reverse engineered from what I did to attract that kind of relationship and I put it into a formula. I call it The Manifest Love Formula™, which has become my signature program.

The key with all of this is that I had to get over my Love Blocks.  I’m going to share a juicy tip right out of module two of my Manifest Love Five-Step Formula, where I’m going to help you clear your Love Blocks. 

We’re going to go deep and be able to unearth these limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns that literally are holding you back from attracting the relationship you desire and deserve. 

I promise that when we’re done, I’m going to share where you can get more resources and how you can work more closely with me to help you literally create the relationship that you know in your heart and soul you desire and deserve!

All right, so let’s dive in!

What is a love block?

A Love Block is a limiting belief, thought, habit, pattern, idea, or paradigm that you have  about yourself, the opposite sex, relationships, and love in general.  If you have a desire and a dream, any thought or feeling that’s opposite of what you want will block you from manifesting that desire.

Side note: be sure to check out my article on How To Manifest Love… CLICK HERE. It will show you how to align your thoughts, words, and actions to attract love. I also have another great article on How To Manifest Your Soulmate, … CLICK HERE

When you’re manifesting your beloved, keep in mind that there is a certain feeling you will feel when they finally show up in your life….Imagine what that would feel like! 

Now, If your current feelings, thoughts, and beliefs contradict the feeling of your desired outcome, or if you don’t believe you’re deserving / worthy, then it will be hard for them to show up in your life.  Mostly because you are not yet a vibrational match to your thoughts / feelings.  You’ve got to be willing to do the work to clear the limiting beliefs & feelings, (ie. Love Blocks) and align with the feeling of already having what your desire.  That’s the work!

The first step is to know what Love Blocks are so that you can clear them if they show up. These may surface as thoughts and feelings when you’re engaging in a dating situation, when you’re on the dating apps, or when you’re thinking about yourself in relationships. You want to start to pay attention to what you think about, focus on, and feel when it comes to love and dating? 

Why is it important to clear your Love Blocks?

As I mentioned, these are the sabotaging patterns that are going to stop you from magnetizing what you desire.  Something manifests in your life once it feels natural. So until something feels natural, it’s not going to show up… meaning you have to train your brain and your body that love is already in your life. 

That is a key distinction. 

This is the magic…the secret of the ages! This is what successful people who have created amazing things in this life understand: that you are the creator of your life experience and you create with your thoughts, words and actions.

When it comes to creating desired outcomes, you must form your self image and self conception to BE, THINK, ACT, and FEEL AS IF what you want is already done. To feel as if It’s natural.

That’s when something manifests into your life.

That’s when it aligns in your experience… when it feels NATURAL.

I highly recommend checking out my masterclass called the Frequency Of Love… CLICK HERE, in it you’re going to be able to raise your vibration, focus on what it is that’s going to align you with your beloved, so you can attract it. Raising your vibrational frequency is key. Be sure to check that out.

It’s super important to clear your Love Blocks so that they’re not in your way from literally magnetizing a lover.

Just like my friend Kellyanne did when she used this concept. She literally said to the Universe / God, “I want my beloved to show up at my door.” And then she released the desire with out trying to control it.

24 hours later she found a sticky note on her door left by a gentleman in her building asking her out on a date. They actually wound up getting together and had a beautiful four year relationship. 

So believe me, love is possible for you! It can show up at your door!  I have had crazy stories like that that I’ll be sharing with you of how my various clients, before they’re even done with my programs, start having deeper levels of self love and many manifest soulmate relationships as a result!

I have had clients send me messages saying they met their ‘unicorn person’ and they found their beloved because they were willing to be their own beloved. 

So you want to be very aware of your Love Blocks and clear them as they come up. 

How do you clear these love blocks?

Here is the 3-step process…you first want to become aware of any of your Love Blocks.

Step 1: Write down your limiting beliefs

Take out a sheet of paper and ask yourself “what do I believe about myself when it comes to relationships, love, men / opposite sex?  What are any limiting beliefs that are running in my head?


I’m not good enough. 

There’s no good men or partners around.

I don’t deserve love.

Love is hard.

I hate dating.

I’m not enough.

I’m too much. 

Just do a brainstorm. Where are there any limiting beliefs running in your mind? You may not be aware of them just yet so you want to do an audit. Maybe keep that paper out for a few days and anything that comes up when you think about it write it down.  You could also meditate on it. If there’s any limiting beliefs, get  them down on paper. 

Step 2: Refute your limiting beliefs

You want to refute and debunk each of these limiting beliefs. 

For example, let’s say one of your limiting beliefs is “I’m not good enough”. 

Ask yourself, Is that really true? Because what you’ll find is, it’s probably not. And if you question your limiting beliefs, you’re not just blindly going through life anymore, allowing these beliefs to control you.

A lot of times, we’ve picked up these Love Blocks, from our parents, society, the media, our experiences, and where we made a false decision about something.

You could have misrepresented a situation and made a decision that formed a Love Block. Someone else might have had something going on in their life, they acted ridiculous, and crappy, and yet you made it be about you. Arriving at the false belief of ‘I’m not good enough.’ 

For each limiting belief you just ask yourself, Is that true? Is that really true? 

Next you want to ask “What evidence do I have of the opposite? Where can I look out in the world and find the opposite of that limiting belief?

The reason being because you want to start to build up a strong case of neural pathways rewiring your mind to what you desire.

As example, if you have the limiting belief on your list that says, “There’s no good men in my area, they’re either married or gay.” 

Okay, well ask yourself, is that true? When you look around, do you know anyone else that may have found their beloved? Alright, who? Then answer these questions .  Eventually you’ll poke holes in the old stories and Love Blocks that have been shaping your experiences.

The next question you want to ask yourself for each limiting belief is “how is holding on to this limiting belief, blocking me from love?”

Once you teach your mind that if you hold on to this limiting BS… ie Belief System … then you’ll block yourself from love, you will be more open to letting it go.  We tend to avoid pain, so when you point out where you’re creating pain for yourself, it’s easier to make a decision to release it. And honestly, the biggest magic in all of this is your decision to change. 

When you make a decision to change a belief, it can be as simple as that. When I’m creating my next level, whether it’s in love, health, or wealth, limiting beliefs will show themselves to me. Mostly because they want to be revealed so that you can clear them because your unconscious mind and your inner being knows you can’t hold on to them if you want to have the thing you desire. 

You can’t hold on to the limitations and the false beliefs. So that’s why they come up.  They bubble up to the surface to help you heal, not to try to sabotage you. When you start doing this deep work, it comes up so that you can do something with it, move the energy, rewire it, rethink, create a new story behind it. 

Alright, to recap, here are the three questions you want to ask yourself to refute old limiting beliefs: 

  1. Is that true? Is that really true? 

  2. What evidence do I have for the opposite of that limiting belief? And 

  3. How is holding on to this belief blocking me 

And then make a new choice to release it.

Step 3: Reframe your limiting beliefs

The next part of this process is to go down the list and reframe all of your limiting beliefs. 

Ask yourself, “how can I reframe this belief to be something that serves me” … “how can I turn this into having a positive expectation or assumption that I get to have what I want”, and then you need to rewrite a new belief. 

This is called rewriting your ‘love story’. I call it rewriting your love story because when you create a new story, (ie the beliefs that you’re telling yourself… specifically in love and dating) you’re going to create a literal new ‘love story’ in your reality. What you’re going to attract into your life as a result of clearing your Love Blocks is going to be mind blowing!

Take it from my client, Tanya. She started doing this level of clearing and self love work and out of nowhere, her beloved shows up! 

You absolutely can do this too but you must be willing to do the work and start playing with these concepts which will help you stay focused on what you want. As a Love Block comes up, be willing to handle it and to look at it. Don’t just ignore it…make a new choice. 

Alright, so as I mentioned, I have a FREE Love Attraction Quiz + Guide. I would recommend downloading it. That’s going to help you with this video because in it I list the 15 sabotaging beliefs that block women from love and how to clear them. It’s the perfect companion manual for this article. You’ll be able to see if you have any of the limiting beliefs. Over 11 years I’ve been studying people and these are the top 15 beliefs I’ve noticed that tend to be a common denominator that block women from love. So you’re definitely going to want to get this free resource so you can continue this type of work. I will help you literally become magnetic to love. 

Well there you have it… you now know how to clear your love blocks! You have the framework, the formula, and you’ve got the guide that you can download to help support you in this. Now get out there and be open to love because that’s the key… where focus goes energy flows.

Make sure you’re focusing on the love you desire, make new choices about who choose to be in relationships, imagine it as you would want it and then if a Love Block comes up with a limiting belief, it’s okay it doesn’t have to block you forever.  You know have the tools to clear any Love Block so that you can be a vibrational match to love.


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