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10 Day Self Love Challenge

BELOVED is an immersive 10 day Self Love experience where you’ll journey to the depths of your heart, release core scarcity love blocks, rewrite your love story, and reclaim the divine love within yourself


The Manifest Love Formula

Finally a proven method for ambitious women that increases confidence, clarity, and alignment when dating to be able to attract soulmate love.

Tune to the Frequency of Love

Attract an aligned relationship without the chase! In this Master Class, you’ll learn 3 powerful tools to align your thoughts, emotions, & habits with the Frequency of Love while also activating your personal magnetism!


Bringing Sexy Back

Online accelerator course for badass ambitious women who choose to lead a turned-on magnetic life & create more money, meaningful relationships, and Magic!

Love Attraction Quiz + Guide (FREE)

Want To Attract Your Soulmate, But Are Tired Of Feeling Disappointed And Frustrated With The Dates You’ve Been Attracting?… You Might Be Unintentionally Blocking Love. Find Out In 5 Minutes With This FREE Quiz!


Power Visualization (FREE)

Shed the masks, burn the ‘rules’, and empower your Authentic Self so you can be FREE to create the LOVE LIFE you deserve & desire (and design your life on your terms)!  Use this visualization tool to help break through the limitations!

nlp breakthrough coaching

work directly with michele

Finally Breakthrough Your Core Love Blocks To Attract Your Dream Relationship… (Starting With Self)


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