Where are the good men? Manifest love by clearing your love blocks

Where are the good men Manifest love by clearing your love blocks


 Where are the good men? Manifest love by clearing your love blocks. In my last video I talked about how to clear your love blocks… however, in this video I wanted to call out one specific belief that keeps coming up for ambitious women and help reframe it


It’s the perception and feeling that there are NO good men left.


Not only is this belief just not true, but it also comes from an energy of ‘Lack’…. which is not the energy of love and abundance. (ie not a magnet for what you want).


Now listen… it’s totally OK to feel ALL your emotions and what’s alive for you right now without judging it.  


Feeling is healing! So allow yourself to acknowledge if there’s some ‘crunchiness’ around your perception of love, dating, and relationships.  


It’s OK… We’re OK….no matter where we are at. 


I want to remind you that no matter what your experiences have been in the past, you can absolutely shift your thoughts (and other limiting beliefs that block love) to begin creating what you desire, in this NOW moment!


Your point of power is in the NOW … it’s about aligning your thoughts and feelings to what you WANT instead of what you don’t want.


Check out this video where I help you align your thoughts, words, and feelings so you can be a magnet for love! <3


Also, If you want additional support with clearing your love blocks than grab my FREE Quiz + Guide!  In it you’ll discover if you’re attracting or blocking love PLUS I’ll show you how to remove the 15 sabotaging beliefs that block women from love so you can manifest your soulmate with ease.



Once I uncovered these negative beliefs, quality men flowed into my life along with amazing relationships!



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