An extraordinary life & love you are wildly obsessed with!

HERe's your sign

You’ve probably been seeing tons of repeating numbers and 1111’s everywhere letting you know it’s time to align.  Well, in case you didn’t get the message, this is IT!  If you’re ready to let the past go, rewrite your story, and manifest a life and relationship you’re wildly excited about, then we’re definitely meant to connect!

It’s time to be the fullness of who you REALLY are, unapologetically, and attract an epic soul fulfilling life AND relationship from that powerful space…So LET’S GO, BABE!…

It’s time to create the life you truly desire

hey love!

I'm Michele Ariana

I work with ambitious souls, like you, who want to attract love, but feel like: 

  • They may never find the ‘right’ one,
  • They’re tired of being disappointed,
  • And, they’re afraid of wasting more time dating the wrong people…and

 I show them HOW TO get clear, confident, and aligned to manifest the relationship that they truly desire … starting from within!

I’m the author of ‘The Ambitious Woman’s Guide To Love™’, co-producer of the transformation show ‘Not Just A Haircut’, and creator of The MANIFEST Love Formula™.  I’ve been helping people empower and transform their relationships, starting with themselves, for over a decade.

I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, Love & Mindset Coach, former NFL Cheerleader, and known as “The Love Queen.”

After growing through bullying, anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, and health issues, I’ve discovered the truth that we’re POWERFUL, Love is POSSIBLE, and all healthy relationships start with SELF! It’s everyone’s birth right to create an extraordinary life imaginable…especially in LOVE! ambitious people who want to create a life and relationship they’re wildly in love with, but feel like: 

hey love!

Ready to attract love?

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